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The firm, founded in 1975 on behalf of individual David Caravela Sá Barbosa, with 3 workers, dedicated to the performance of light work of welded construction.

At the beginning of the era of mobile phones, dedicated to the most varied works in the supply and erection of towers for telecommunications in rural and urban system from north to south of the country, providing also equipment for the respective equipment , including in Morocco, Madeira and Açores.

With the experience accumulated over the years, in the 90's has expanded to new areas of engineering and construction, conducting various works, the main objective, the bigger dimensions works.


Since July 2001 became a private limited company under the name Caravela & Filhos, Lda.
With the rapid expansion, the company has need to build new facilities, equip itself with advanced facilities and restructure the staffing.
In May 2004 we transition to the new facility.

With experience gained over 31 years, with the rise and construction of new facilities, with covered area of 3000 m2 and a right foot from 10 meters long and 10,000 square meters area discovered, as well as equipment with advanced  technology, allied the constant improvement and high technical expertise of our employees, we are today, aimed exclusively for the manufacture of steel construction works of large dimensions, due to the ability to lift on each warehouse, leaving behind a part of the assembly.

Always support our development in a good relationship with the client, providing an effective response to all their requests, meeting deadlines, responding and developing the work in accordance with all specifications required, making us proud to offer services with quality.

The company is certified by BEREAU VERITAS, and anticipate the completion of the implementation of ISO 9001 certification for the 1st quarter 2009.




Markets of action to the Year 2009

The markets of action planned for the year 2009 are distributed as follows: Nacional market - 65%, 35% other markets. This strategy is due to economic conditions that markets through.




Work performed

Some of the work performed:

  • Manufacture of metal gantries to complete station Entre Campos in Lisbon.
  • Manufacture and assembly of various structures - M.A.R.L – Mercado Abastecedor da Região de Lisboa. S.A
  • Supply of steel structures - Efacec SA
  • Manufacturing of three caissons to the bridge of Cerveira and Goian, a total of 270 ton. and lengths of 19 meters - to Construtora do Tâmega.
  • Production of 1475 linear meters of body guard to the bridge of Cerveira and Goian - to Construtora do Tâmega.
  • Manufacture and installation of a pedestrian bridge, support and metal stairs - Shopping Center "Viana Estação" - Aurélio Martins Sobreiro & Filhos SA
  • Various metal warehouses.
  • Design, calculation and execution of warehouses with 50m free.
  • Reservoir pressure of 40 and 50 m3 with serpentine;
  • Bulk bins.
  • Part of the metallic structure of the Santuário de Fátima;
  • Many metal roofing for shopping centers;
  • Pedestrian bridges in steel and Corten steel;
  • Steel Bridge Road;
  • Metallic Shelters for stations of Metro do Porto;
  • Decanters for drinking water;
  • Pipes of varying diameters;
  • Beams of soul in full welded construction (various heights and lengths);
  • Services oxycutting / Plasma, press brakes and Guillotine.



Production equipment:

  • Press brakes of 250 ton. with capacity of bend up to 4m in 12mm.
  • Guillotine with cutting capacity up to 4m in 13mm.
  • Roller bending machine, 4 rolls of 3000 x 12 mm.
  • Check pieces Geka of 110 tons.
  • 8 Bridge cranes, 5, 10 16 and 20 ton.
  • Suction disc handling of plates / capacity of 15 ton.
  • Automatic radial driller of 1250 mm, capacity of 60 mm.
  • Automatic column driller with 60 mm of drilling capacity.
  • Magnetic driller.
  • Oxycutting / Plasma 25 000x3 450 mm, with table aspirated.
  • Roller bending machine of three rolls.
  • 2 automatic cutting saws capable of cutting 1050 x 550 mm.
  • 2 hand cutting saws with 270 x 270 mm cutting capacity.
  • 33 semi-automatic welding Tig.
  • 2 Robots of Welding.
  • Submerged arc welding machine.
  • Notch machine.




Transport and lifting:

  • Auto crane of 20 ton. elevation of 22 m;
  • Volvo Truck with trailer extend up to 20 m.
  • hree axle truck Volvo of 25 ton.;
  • Machine to lift up to 12 m rotating basket;
  • Komatsu forklift of 6 tons.;
  • Toyota Trucks of 2.5 ton.;
  • Clark Forklift, 3 ton.
  • 2 Truck, 9 seats;
  • 1 box Truck, 3 seats open slightly.
  • 3 light commercial vehicles.
  • License of transportation.




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